Avola parco

The natural reserves in the province of Ragusa

Irminio River

The Irminio was born in the Iblei, in Monte Lauro , and is the longest river in the province of Ragusa. The scrub-forest, a coastal strip of vegetation which for 1 km accompanies the coastal dunes, represents a rare example of natural " scrub-tree " vegetation, certainly the most impressive in Sicily. The mouth is denoted by a low and sandy coast, with dunes and vertical cliffs.

Where the coast rises, forming small cliffs, numerous examples of dwarf palm and shrubby thyme, white tobacco and canna are found.

Aleppo pine

The Aleppo pine is a variety of pine specific to Sicily , in danger of extinction, the residue of an old wood. The irregular tree can reach ten meters in height .

To protect its peculiarity, and in consideration that this tree was born here spontaneously, the Sicily region intended to proclaim, in 1990, this area between Vittoria, Ragusa and Comiso as a protected area. The reserve occupies the lower part of the Ippari river and falls within the area between the town of Vittoria and the mouth.