Panarea by HopeHill

Island of Panarea

Panarea has become one of the most famous destinations of national and international tourism.

Located east of Salina and Lipari, it is the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago and the most graceful and picturesque, surrounded by small groups of islets that offer the opportunity to swim in the most beautiful area. Panarea looks almost like a Greek island with its characteristic white houses embellished with terraces covered with flowers and plants, or the streets shaded by fruit trees. The island contains one of the most important archaeological sites of the Aeolian Islands, located on the spectacular Punta Milazzese, while its coast is characterized by beautiful rocks with prisms and columns.

The intimate tranquility of Panarea has made it a bit of a ghetto for the rich only, similar to Vulcano for its exclusivity. In the summer, Hollywood stars and hip locals alike descend on the island for a month of elite entertainment, diving off elegant yachts or dipping legs knee-deep in shallow crystal clear waters. In the low season you can find accommodation at reasonable prices, it is certainly worth spending a few days here enjoying the beauties of the island. In Panarea there is no street lighting ...!

The island's population lives almost exclusively in the eastern part of the island, all boats dock in San Pietro, where most of the hotels are also located.

What to see

Around Panarea

In the direction of Punta Milazzese you can take a walk of about 30 minutes during which you skirt a couple of beaches until you reach the Bronze Age village, consisting of 23 huts that was discovered in 1948. Scholars think that the first settlement on the promontory dates back to the 14th century BC The terracotta unearthed at the site show Minoan influences. The artifacts of the site are exhibited in the Aeolian Archaeological Museum of Lipari.
Cala Junco and Spiaggia Fumarola are two wonderful beaches where you can enjoy magnificent swims.

Off the coast

Panarea has its own small archipelago consisting of five tiny islets off the east coast, reachable only by boat. In Basiluzzo, the largest islet, there is the imposing wreck of a Roman ship visible from the coast.