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Holidays in Sicily

Sicily offers many opportunities to tourists thanks to the presence of a very diversified territory and it is important to choose the type of trip you want to face for a better organization.

You can practice bird watching, snorkeling, diving organized by diving centers , sunbathe on wonderful beaches, visit volcanoes, caves but above all appreciate the enormous cultural heritage that the region offers .

The possible routes are many and in some cases have choices for tourism aimed at a cultural, wooded - adventurous, purely seaside, historical - artistic path.

Let's start the description of the tourist opportunities so that you can organize your holiday in Sicily.

Overlooking a large bay at the foot of a fertile valley, Palermo is one of the most lively and fascinating cities in Italy and deserves a thorough visit for its monuments and the vibrant atmosphere that you breathe, boasting churches, museums, markets. and some of the most beautiful restaurants on the island.

In summer it can be very hot, which can be remedied with trips outside the city to the elegant beach of Mondello or to the sanctuary of Monte Pellegrino .

East of Palermo, the Tyrrhenian coast offers the first opportunity to reach the Madonie mountain range, where you can make pleasant excursions, while along the coast there is one of the most elegant seaside resorts in Sicily, Cefalù , located just an hour away. travel from Palermo.

From Milazzo, ferries and hydrofoils leave for the Aeolian Islands , a chain of seven stunning volcanic islands that attract sun worshipers and intrepid hikers alike.

The northern Ionian coast, between Messina and the beautiful holiday resort of Taormina , is made up of a series of seaside resorts of various types, while Catania , the second largest city in Sicily, extends under the elegant cone of Etna , the volcano largest in Europe , overlooking the eastern part of Sicily and is the most memorable natural place on the island.

Syracuse , the most beautiful and fascinating Sicilian city, contains the richest concentration of historical places and architectural wonders, ranging from Greek and Roman ruins to extraordinary Baroque palaces.

Beyond Syracuse, the south-east boasts beautiful baroque cities such as Noto and Ragusa , redesigned and rebuilt in the seventeenth century after a devastating earthquake had reduced them to rubble; in this region there are also the Neolithic cemeteries of Pantalica , unique of their kind, which are one of the most evocative places in Sicily.

The hinterland , the least populous and least known area of Sicily, offers instead the simple beauty of an isolated and remote area, but also hides authentic jewels, such as the well-preserved mosaics of Piazza Armerina , which recall the splendor of which the Roman governors surrounded themselves, and Enna, a historic mountain fortress-city.

Along the southern coast only the ancient, magnificent temples of Agrigento and the Greek city and the beach of Eraclea Minoa attract a substantial number of visitors.

Further on is Trapani , the most important city in the west, an excellent base for anyone interested in learning more about this area, which has very different characteristics from the rest of the island.

Here the Arab influence is stronger than elsewhere, especially in Marsala and Mazara del Vallo , while Selinunte and Segesta boast the most romantic sets of ancient ruins in Sicily.

From the ports of the southern and western coasts it is also possible to reach other islands of great interest: Linosa and Lampedusa, the Egadi islands and above all the distant Pantelleria , where the sea is among the most crystalline in the Mediterranean , and on these islands one feels at the borders of the 'Europe.

The Parks of Sicily

The protected natural areas of Sicily include four regional parks that occupy an area of 185,824 hectares, equal to 7.2% of the territory of the region, and 76 regional nature reserves, for a total area of 85,181 hectares, equal to 3.3% of the regional area.

The protection of the areas of environmental value is the responsibility of the Region, therefore there are no state parks and nature reserves on the island.

There are numerous nature reserves in Sicily where you can admire all that the beautiful Sicilian nature offers, the unveiled nature between rocks and beaches, between forests and islets to discover the real Sicilian wonders.

Sicily is also home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites by region in Italy.

Islands and Volcanoes

That of the Etna volcano is the most famous peak in Sicily where you can take an excursion among natural scenarios outside the municipality through the magnificent regional park of which the volcano is part.

After visiting the volcano, enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of Taormina , before continuing to Messina where you can admire the largest astronomical clock in the world . From Lipari you can organize boat trips or some diving.

Nature lovers should visit Salina , or join Stromboli in the exciting night tour that allows you to reach the top of the volcano.

Those looking for sun and sea can relax on one of the beautiful terraces of Panarea , while to find peace and tranquility it is necessary to head for the remote Alicudi and Filicudi .

The hinterland between the mountains

The Sicilian hinterland , far from the torrid beaches and archaeological sites scattered along the coast, offers perhaps the most authentic aspect of this land.

Marine protected areas

Six marine protected areas that are naturalistic treasures of profound value, six stretches of sea to be discovered, for their splendid beauties linked to the underwater flora and fauna.

Sicily and its West

Pervaded by a deep sense of the past, the western part of the island is the most Arabian in terms of lifestyle, atmosphere and flavors. The proposed itinerary alternates cultural visits with interesting activities suitable for families.