Within the boundaries of the province of Palermo meets Gangi which forms a symmetrical bridge in the shape of a turtle shell on top of the lonely Monte Marone , at an altitude of over 1000 meters.

This large mountain town has preserved its medieval origins, characterized by picturesque blind alleys of Arab imprint and by winding alleys flanked by simple stone houses.

The oldest nucleus (Gangi Vecchio) is connected to the modern one by narrow stairways.

What see

Today the town is dominated by concrete buildings, but in the seventeenth century, its period of maximum development, Gangi gave birth to two important artists, both known as " the lame of Gangi ", one of whom, Giuseppe Salerno , painted the beautiful Last Judgment and the remarkable Madonna delle Grazie preserved in the sumptuous Mother Church of San Nicola located in the central Piazza del Popolo and identifiable by the beautiful incomplete fourteenth-century bell tower.

From the balcony of Piazza del Popolo , which can be reached along the portico that leads from the church to the Tower, you can admire a suggestive view of the town and the surrounding green countryside. In the church of SS. Salvatore , which can be reached from the square by going down the steps of Via Madrice, houses one of the crucifixes painted by Fra Umile da Petralia .

Festival of the Spikes

On the occasion of the Sagra delle Spighe , which is normally held on the second Sunday of August, the whole city is decorated with ears of wheat, according to a tradition that has its roots in the ancient cult of Demeter .