scala dei turchi

Scala dei Turchi

Many who visit Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples inexplicably overlook one of the most extraordinary tourist attractions in the area: the Scala dei Turchi.
The long undulating rock of clay and limestone stairways is a blinding white and creates a spectacular contrast with the blue of the sky and the indigo blue of the sea.

The size of the staircase and at the same time the delicacy of its shapes amaze.
There are those who dedicate themselves to climbing the smooth rocky wall, those who explore its most hidden corners, those who are enchanted by sliding their hand along the soft surface with a chalky texture and those who prefer to simply lie down in the sun.

The sunset is breathtaking . The name of the place is inspired by the legend that Turkish and Arab pirates came here to hide their ships in bad weather or strong winds.

Adjacent to the Scala dei Turchi there are two beaches , the most beautiful is the one behind the rock . It is a place worth spending the whole day.