The seaside holiday

A vacation in the sea off Sicily

Molo Mondello is the best place to begin the path between the most beautiful beaches of Sicily, continued westward to reach the Gulf of Castellammare Where is the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro , Which boasts some hidden pebble beaches in bays in a semicircle, and Scopello where you can swim surrounded by massive boulders and still rusty. Nearby is San Vito lo Capo The most famous beach in Sicily. Mare
Walk through the province of Trapani arrive to Selinunte , A magnificent archaeological site with a beautiful beach.
A little further meet Eraclea Minoa Another place that offers fantastic beaches and an archaeological site. Immediately to the south-east lies the stunning scale of the Turkish i. To the east of Palermo, the first beautiful beach you come to is Cefal¨ .
Isola Bella Taormina As the name suggests, is incredibly charming. If you go looking for isolation and tranquility on the beaches of the Natural Reserve of Vendicari .


Mondello The most spectacular route to access Mondello is what passes for Acquasanta, then along the coast below Mount Pellegrino to Waldenses.
From here a marvelous sandy beach of 2 km describes a curve to the small seaside town, situated under the steep northern slope of the mountain. The beach is the main attraction, but Mondello also has a tiny port in activity, a pier where you can try fish and the remains of a medieval tower.

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Gulf of Castellammare

Gulf of Castellammare And 'the last stop on the coast before the train bend inwards towards Trapani.
The largest fishing ports in the Gulf, Castellammare is entirely surrounded by high hills and built on and around a massive rocky promontory protected from squat Aragonese castle from which it takes its name.

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San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo With its extensive range of restaurants, hotels and bars, San Vito Lo Capo is a resort decidedly consumer-oriented, yet its relative remoteness has helped preserve it from the pressures of the tourist industry even in high season.
In the winter months there is still a greater freedom of movement, and visiting San Vito off season you can better appreciate the beach around which gathers country, one of the most beautiful in Sicily

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Eraclea Minoa

Eraclea Minoa Located 35 km north-west of Agrigento, is the third major site greek this stretch of coast.
According to historian Didoro, the site was called Minoa failed to reflect the Cretan king, who according to legend, pursued Daedalus from Crete to Sicily and founded a city at the point where it was landed.
Historical reality was instead founded by Minoa Selinuntines, of Sparta, the Greeks settled there in the sixth century BC, followed by the name Heraklea.

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Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi Many of those who visit the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and inexplicably ignored one of the most extraordinary sights in the area: the Scala dei Turchi.
The long undulating rock en echelon of clay and limestone is a blinding white and create a spectacular contrast with the blue sky and the indigo blue of the sea.
Scala dei Turchi astonish the scale and size of both the delicacy of its forms.

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Nature Reserve Wildlife Oasis Vendicari

Oasis Wildlife Vendicari The Nature Reserve is an oasis Wildlife Vendicari natural reserve located in the province of Siracusa, Noto and precisely between Marzamemi particularly important for the presence of marshes that serve as a resting place in the migration of birds.
Provided by a law of the Sicilian Region in May 1981, was officially established in 1984, after the then Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Filippo Maria Pandolfi 1450 hectares of land declared "wetland of international importance," according to the Ramsar Convention of 1971.
It was actually made available only in 1989. It is managed by the Regional forests.

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