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Stream The Sicilian hinterland, away from the hot beaches and archaeological sites scattered along the coast, offers perhaps the most authentic aspect of this land. Moreover, the mountains of the island, which have a wild and rugged beauty, make it possible to capture aspects unique landscape.
From Palermo to Cefalu head, famous for its Arab-Norman cathedral and crowded beaches.
From here you can make a magnificent hike the Sanctuary Gibilmanna, which opens a magnificent panorama that encompasses the entire chain of Madonie.
From Cefal¨ pointing toward the heart of the Regional Natural Park Madonie . Characterized by an extraordinary country rich in forests, the park is crisscrossed by a dense network of clearly marked trails.
Promontory Petralia , A small town perched on top of a hill, is the ideal base for excursions.
Continuing east towards Gangi and Sperlinga, where some prehistoric caves, and reach the torrid Enna . Enjoy the lovely atmosphere of perfectly preserved medieval center still walking along the walls by mighty fortifications of Castello di Lombardia.
A short bus ride you can reach the Villa Romana del Casale . Located near Piazza Armerina, this villa of the fourth, famous for its magnificent mosaics are the most important evidence of Roman civilization in Sicily.
The tour ends in Catania Who so desires can reach the slopes of Etna and the challenging uphill walk to the main crater to admire the most extensive and spectacular views of the island.

Sanctuary Gibilmanna


The shrine is a pilgrimage that culminates with the Feast of 8 September but throughout the summer the area is frequented by many people who picnic under the cypress trees or admire the superb panorama from the lookout, ranging from the inland mountains and verdant valleys to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Cefalu This picturesque town occupies every available inch of a small, beautiful promontory at the foot of a huge cliff threatening, La Rocca.
Here in 1131 Roger II, he built an imposing cathedral which still dominates the skyline and the skyline: the great twin towers of the facade rise above the flat roofs of the medieval quarter, while the entire structure is framed by cliffs that lie at behind.

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Regional Natural Park Madonie

Regional Park Madonie The mountain system Madonie (Madona), name disclosed in the sixteenth century and, in all probability, referring to the "high places of the mountain" of Pliny - occupies a large area of north-central part of the Apennine Mountains of Central Sicilia.Propaggine Sicilian that develops from the western end of Cape San Vito to the east of Peloritani, the complex madonita includes the highest peaks on the island, exception of Etna, some of which, as Pizzo Carbonara, Pizzo Antenna great, Monte San Salvatore, approaching the 2,000 meters in height.

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Petralia Quiet old town, founded by Sicani or Greeks, it has been reported since at least the third century BC, when it passed from the domain Carthaginian and Roman, is located at an altitude of nearly 1150 m (this is the highest village of the Madonna) on a projection of a plateau cloaked in forests, and retained the characteristic and charming medieval urban layout, with its winding streets lined with churches and aristocratic palaces and flowered courtyards Affairs.

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Gangi Within the confines of the province of Palermo meets gang forms a symmetrical bridge-shaped tortoise shell on top of the lone Monte Marone, at an altitude of over 1000 m.
This large mountain village has retained its medieval origins, with its picturesque alleys blind stamp Arab and winding streets lined by simple stone houses.

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Sperlinga And 'one of the most interesting villages, the name derives from the Latin sperlunca, cave, which refers to the numerous cave dwellings, hundreds of years old, which pierce the slopes of sandstone on which is built the country. At the top check unexpectedly formidable crenellated castle, a medieval fortress and baronial residence with warehouses, prisons, dungeons and stables built into the rock, including the steps of the long steep staircase and charming access are carved into the rock.

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Villa Romana del Casale

Villa Romana del Casale Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the most important Roman monuments in all Sicily. It is assumed that the villa belonged to Emperor Maximilian who was with Diocletian (286-305 AD) from which the name of Villa Imperiale. Although detail of Villa del Casaleesistano other residences that evidence of the splendor with which he liked to surround himself with the aristocracy of the Roman Empire, the residence of Casale is distinguished by its size and the incredible extension (3535 sq m) of colored mosaics covering the floors.

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Eruption 1669 Located in the most fertile island in the Ionian Sea and the southern slopes of Etna, where the central crater is only 28 kilometers, Catania is the second largest city of Sicily and arrival point for many tourists due to the presence of 'airport on the outskirts of the city. Lively and vibrant city with great architecture result of reconstruction after the earthquake in 1963 devastated the entire region.

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