The west between Italy and its ends

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Sicily: Far West

Riserva dello Zingaro Pervaded by a profound sense of the past, the western part of the island is the most arabian for lifestyle, atmosphere and flavors. The proposed route alternates visits to interesting cultural activities for families.
After leaving Palermo, you can rest in the lovely and tiny Scopello Just outside the Zingaro Nature Reserve An ideal area for hiking and scuba diving. Visit the impressive temple of Segesta along the stretch towards Trapani , Which offers many interesting day trips. Spend at least one night in the splendid setting of the medieval Erice , Town fascinating, especially in the evening.

Autumn in Sicily Do not miss Mozia The most important Phoenician site in the region. Alternatively you can Dalpe for Aegadian , To be explored by bicycle or boat, in particular, could be an interesting visit Pantelleria Reached either by ferry from Trapani is by hydrofoil.
Trapani the coast road continues winding up the lovely Marsala .
In this town do not miss the impressive Carthaginian warship, partially reconstructed, preserved in the Museo Archeologico Regionale Baglio Anselmi and the tasting of fine wines from the Cantine Florio. From Marsala continue to Mazara del Vallo , Where you will find interesting Museum of Satyr.
Terminate the itinerary by visiting the fantastic ruins of Selinunte , Overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.


Palermo port Overlooking the wide bay at the foot of the limestone massif of Mount Pellegrino and facing the large and fertile valley of the Conca d'Oro, enclosed by a ring of mountains, Palermo enjoys a wonderful location, originally Phoenician colony was conquered by the Carthaginians in the fifth century BC and became an important bulwark against the Punic, Greek influence that was rampant in other parts of the island.

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Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro (Scopello)

Scopello Scopello is a small village very suggestive of an incomparable charm. Built around a beam (Sicilian rural building surrounded by walls and consists of buildings that open onto a spacious courtyard), overlooking the tuna fish on the beach below, looks like a cluster of white houses and cobbled streets reminiscent of the Italian comedy black and white '50s.

The Zingaro nature reserve Saved by the exploitation and the construction project to build a coastal road thanks to its strong stand of the local population, the tranquil nature reserve of Zingaro is today the pearl of the gulf.
First protected area located in Sicily, the reserve was created following a campaign by environmentalist groups and the population local.

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Segesta, greek theater In a green landscape desert stand the ruins of the ancient city of Segesta, one of the most fascinating and evocative of the island. Of the settlement were kept only a Doric temple and a theater in a very dramatic, evidence of a city that has its roots XII century BC and it was a center of the Elimi, a mixed population of killers and aliens.

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The salt pans of Trapani Although most modern Trapani, the first of three major cities of western Sicily, has an elegant old town enclosed in a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea. The unobtrusive monuments of the city, which the port gives the atmosphere of a location along the border do not give the idea of its long history, and yet Trapani was a thriving trading post CONM Punic port of Eryx (modern Erice) due to its close with Africa, and was later conquered by the Romans, the Vandals and the Arabs, under whom he began to prosper.

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Erice Mother Church Erice oversees the port of Trapani from the legendary Monte Erice, a well 750 meters above sea level. It 'a medieval village with churches and fortresses, and a stern-looking mountain village charm made even more irresistible by the extreme mutability of time. Erice has a view out of sight over the valley below and the sea and offers a good standard restaurants and bakeries.

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Admission Mozia old age Mozia is one of the Sicilian sites easier to access, the ruins of the Phoenician city of Motya, unique of their kind, in fact, occupy the whole island and can be reached easily with a comfortable walk. Once you reach the ruins you can walk around the island in about an hour.

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Egadi Islands

Favignana Anchored off the west coast, the three islands of Sicily Egadi are more comfortable to visit. Before the advent of tourism to the prosperity of the islands was largely based on historical relations with Genoa, given that the archipelago was located along the trade route followed by sailors from Genoa in the Middle Ages, the tie was finally formalized when, in the mid-seventeenth century the Bourbon king Philip IV ceded the islands to some men Genoa tourist trip to pay off a debt of tuna, which gather here to breed in late spring
Favignana, the largest island and seat of the trap in the main, is only 15-30 minutes by hydrofoil from Trapani.

Visit Aegadian ...


Pantelleria North With a surface area of 83 square kilometers, Pantelleria is the largest of the islands off the coast of Sicily. Closer to Tunisia than Sicily to 40 km, the island has been occupied since ancient times by all those who in turn controlled the central Mediterranean. By the Phoenicians, who settled in the seventh century BC, was called Hiranin, the 'bird island "because of the birds that still stop here during migration, while for the Greeks was Kossyra, the "small". The present name derives from alrion bint, "Jezebel," a reference to the breeze that blows constantly on the rocky coasts.

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Mrsala When the island-city of Mozia was put on fire by the Syracusans, the Carthaginians founded Survivors Lilybaem (Lilibeo), the modern Marsala, 10 km south. Lilibeo, the most important Punic city of Sicily, and the only one to resist the pressure of the Greeks during their expansion to the west, had finally succumbed to Rome in 241 BC after a siege that lasted ten years, and not long after it was used as a basis for attacking the same Carthage.

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Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo The element of the plot of North African civilization that characterizes Sicily is stronger than ever in the fishing port of Mazara del Vallo, located along the coast to 22 km from Marsala. Under the Arabs in Mazara was a most flourishing cities of the island and capital of the largest of the three administrative districts, or Walis, which was once divided the island, hence the addition of "the valley".

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Temple C Selinunte The site of the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, occupies a quiet isolation in a remote corner of the coast about 30 miles east of Mazara del Vallo. Selinus, the westernmost of the Greek colonies, founded by the Greeks of Megara Hyblaea around 650 BC, reached the peak of its development in the fifth century BC, a bitter enemy of Segesta, with whose territory bordered to the north, the powerful city with its fertile plain attracted many enemies, and it was only a matter of time before they put their eyes on Selinunte Carthage, an ally of Segesta.

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