The arre marine protected from Sicily

Capogallo Six caskets nature of deep value, six of sea areas to be discovered, to their wonderful attractions related to the flora and fauna underwater.
Capogallo seabed
The six marine protected areas in Sicily, I Female-only one of Capogallo to Plemmirio From Egad ia Ustica, the Cyclops, the Pelagie the backgrounds of these stretches of coast reveal the whole Sicilian specialties of rare value, illustrious presence Mediterranean but not only.
Take a mask and fins, the journey begins at the bottom of marine protected areas in Sicily.

Capogallo and Isle of Females

Fonadali of Capogallo Dominated by the typical profile of the cliff of Capo Gallo and enclosed in the embrace of the female ideal islet Island, close ourselves between two nature reserves in a context marked by the historical presence of man, the Marine Protected Area of Capo Gallo Capogallo and Isle of feminism was established by the Ministry for the Environment in 2002 to protect the consists of a special marine biodiversity of outstanding faculty members.

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Lampedusa Marine Protected Area Pelagie includes the islands of Lampedusa, with the Isle of Rabbits, Linosa and lamp post in the province of Agrigento.
Therefore fits in an environment of absolute importance, for years under the watchful eye of the international scientific community.
Owes part of its value in relative isolation, the distance from the coast of Sicily and the meeting of Atlantic and Mediterranean currents.

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Crab Last born in chronological order, and inaugurated this year, the marine protected area Plemmirio, not far from Syracuse, was established in 2001 to protect the biodiversity of the area of sea in front of the Maddalena Peninsula and Cape Murro of Porco, geologically along the axis of the escarpment ibleo-Maltese: a view useful in understanding why this area offers plenty of surprises to the student and impassioned biological and beautiful backdrops.

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The Marine Protected Area Aegadian

Depths Aegadian Islands Marine Protected Area, established in 1991, embraces the archipelago Trapani Egadi: Levanzo, Favignana and Marettimo.
The establishment of the Amp, which follows as a natural evolution of the determination of marine reserves, was declared to protect the delicate and complex system present in the submarine canyons that separate the islands between them. The Marettimo, in fact, is separated from Favignana and Levanzo by a narrow channel depth 350 m. Here Some live large pelagic fish. The simultaneous presence of mixed sand-rock backdrops led an ecosystem so unique, where the currents are strong element of vitality for the large predators.

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Cyclops Islands

Cyclops Islands The Marine Protected Area "Cyclops Island" in the territory of Acicastello, dominated by the majestic Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, was established in 1989 and named after a small archipelago consisting of the islands Lachea , Faraglione big Faraglione small and four other large rocks willing to bow before the country of Acitrezza.
Islands Cyclops, faraglioneLa management of the reserve is entrusted to the consortium "Islands of Cyclops "formed by Cutgana (University Center for the protection and management of natural environments and agroecosystems), University of Catania and the City of Acicastello.

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Costa Already the capital of an international tourism, Ustica, an hour's boat from Palermo, is rightly a landmark case in the management and planning of marine protected areas.
An intense safeguards activities, together with research and promotion, has triggered an intense flow of tourists here supported by a series of cultural and sporting events to the environment.
Won the local resistance, and establish environmental protection in 1982, is in fact subject to constraint by 1986, with a bureaucracy that has made history leading the way in Italy.

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