The allure of volcanoes with exciting climbing


Sicily: The allure of volcanoes and magic of its islands

Etna eruption Etna , The slopes of Sicily's most famous peaks, a visit the banner of the excursion between magic and the natural setting outside of the town through the magnificent regional park where the volcano is a part.
It was from its slopes that Polyphemus, blinded by Ulysses, threw huge boulders into the sea in an attempt to destroy the ship greek hero on the run - still overlooking the spectacular Cyclops Riviera you can see some stacks emerge Ionian Sea, which according to legend were the remains of large boulders thrown by the Cyclops.
Port Volcano After the visit of the volcano enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of Taormina , While Messina you can admire the world's largest astronomical clock. By Lipari you can organize boat trips or some dive.
Nature lovers should visit Salina , Climb to the Fossa of Vulcano or participate in Stromboli the exciting night tour that allows you to reach the summit of the volcano.
Those seeking sun and sea can relax on one of the beautiful terraces of Panarea While to find peace and quiet is necessary to route to the remote Alicudi and Filicudi.


Etna Etna (3323 m), one of the most renowned and largest volcanoes in the world, dominating almost the entire landscape of eastern Sicily, with its top fuming that accompanies almost constantly traveling in this region.
The main crater is still dangerously active and is becoming more explosive, as evidenced by the spectacular eruption of 2001 and 2002, which have eclipsed those of the previous decade. Despite the risk of eruptions, the Volcano remains one of the major tourist attractions of the island.

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Riviera of the Cyclops

Fraglione Grande, Riviera of the Cyclops The Marine Protected Area "Cyclops Island" in the territory of Acicastello, dominated by the majestic Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, was established in 1989 and named after a small archipelago consisting of the islands Lachea , Faraglione big Faraglione small and four other large rocks willing to bow before the country of Acitrezza.
The Riviera of the Cyclops, which is set the Cyclops Islands Marine Protected Area is famous for the legend has it that the three stacks are the stones thrown by Polyphemus against Ulysses' ship flying away.

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Taormina Perched on a terrace high on Mount Tauro, a domain of two vast and magnificent bays, Taormina is the resort's most famous and most refined of Sicily. Although Taormina has a lovely beach, the ruins of the Greek Theater and the extraordinary beauty of the site round the beautiful scenery: the rocks and sea, lush vegetation, the variety and the wonderful contrast of colors form a natural setting unique and wonderful. TaorminaAmata for decades by writers, artists and celebrities, the whole town is devoted to international tourism elite who line the streets from April to October and from which depends almost entirely.

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Messina Messina is for many the first visual impact with Sicily, a fascinating town by the first view from the ferry, stretches along the coast to the north of its characteristic sickle-shaped natural harbor, from which the city acquired its name greek, Zancle ( "Falcon").
Nestling at the foot of the Mountains and overlooking the Strait Peloritani facing the wooded hills of Calabria, Messina has its own strength in the natural beauty position, Shakespeare chose to set his Much Ado About Nothing.

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