The photo album by Guida Sicilia

The excursion

The hike in Sicily

Vegetazione della ConcaMadonie Park
Panoramas breathless anticipation of the story ... a 'natural that Sicily has to offer.

Photo: 33, Views: 9
Author: Carlo Columba

The areas are unique in the world

The passion for the areas considered to be unique in Sicily

ScicliVal di Noto
One of the most characteristic areas, including those recognized by UNESCO!

Photo: 13, Views: 7
Author: Maria Adelaide Mondini (kalsa)

The west between Italy and its ends

The west between Italy and its ends

Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, la costaLa Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro
Wonderful and incatevoli images of some details of the Zingaro Nature Reserve ...

Photo: 13, Views: 6
Author: umby1954

Erice particolareErice
Most important corners of a beautiful Sicilian town .. Erice

Photo: 7, Views: 8
Author: umby1954

Mazara del Vallo In festaMazara del Vallo
Churches, festivals and traditions ... the beauty of Mazara del Vallo

Photo: 8, Views: 7
Author: umby1954

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